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IMG_6903Sweater: Urban Outfitters, love this one too, Shirt: Chicago Stanley Cup Parade 2013, similar styles hereJeans: Guess by Marciano(old), but love this pairShoes: Report via T.J.Maxx, Hat: Reebok Chicago Blackhawks BeanieBlackhawks Tervis Tumbler: Bed, Bath, & Beyond

Although I’ve never lived in Chicago, I was raised a Blackhawks fan. My dad has been completely obsessed with the Chicago Blackhawks since his childhood and passed that on to the rest of our family. Let’s just say that 2010 and 2013 were very exciting years in our household! In order to gear up for the game last night, I figured I would show my Blackhawks pride all day. My parents brought this shirt back from the Stanley Cup Parade in Chicago this past summer, and it’s probably the most comfortable shirt I own! However, the shirt alone just wasn’t enough pride for me. Yes, I snuck into my younger brother’s closet today and stole his Blackhawks beanie, I just couldn’t resist styling it with this outfit!

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