Hi there! I’m Ashleigh, a twenty-four year old stylist, obsessed with fashion, recently married, and currently living in Tennessee. I studied Business Marketing at the University of Ottawa, and Fashion Coordination & Styling at Ryerson University. While studying business, I met the love of my life, Mark, the man I can finally call my husband!

I created Dazzle by Day as a way of expressing my personal style, my daily inspiration, and little snippets of my everyday life. There is something in every day that inspires, or dazzles, me. So why not share that—as well as how I dazzle up my daily outfits—with others? Always with the hope of inspiring.

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  1. Love the blog Ashleigh. You have such great style this is a perfect outlet for you stylish creativity. Looking forward to reading more.

  2. Ashleigh, I love your blog!! You have great style and I am definitely inspired!! You look beautiful in all the photos…can’t wait to see your next post! Love it!

    • Scarlett! I’ve actually met you before at Cara & Drew Southerland’s wedding! I was the ballet dancer at the reception! I live near Knoxville, but I’m hoping to move to Nashville! 🙂

    • Thank you, Polished Portland! I do own all of the clothes and accessories..although I do steal from my mother and sister’s closets occasionally 😉 I’m a bit of a handbag hoarder…bags are my weakness!

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