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LiebsterAward (2)There is an award going around the blogosphere called the Liebster Award. It is an award given by fellow bloggers to new bloggers with huge potential. It is a way to connect with one another, show your support, and gain new followers! I was honored to be given this award by two lovely ladies:

Lexi of Streets of Gold
Tess of In Good Faith, Tess

Thank you, ladies!

 Rules of the Liebster Award:

– Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog
– Answer their 11 questions
– Nominate 11 bloggers with a small following, but huge potential
– Create 11 questions for those bloggers to answer
– Notify your nominees

Lexi’s Questions:

1.)   If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

2.)   What’s your favorite season and why?
Fall, the beautiful colors and perfect weather.

3.)   Flats or heels?
Heels, definitely!

 4.)   Favorite food?
I have too many, but my favorite meal is a pasta dish that my mother makes called Vodka Mostaccioli. It’s delicious!

5.)   Coffee or tea?

6.)   What’s in your handbag?
About five lip products (various lipsticks, lip butters, and chapsticks), black leather wallet, sunglasses, granola bar (or something sweet to munch on), bottle of water, Advil, Benadryl, keys, a few pens… the list goes on!

7.)   Most embarrassing moment?
While in university, I was running to class to deliver a presentation and when I finally made it to the building a girl came up and told me I had a rip up the back of my pencil skirt. I was running the entire time with my red underwear showing… And campus was packed with people.

8.)   Do you have any pets?
I grew up with dogs, but do not have any of my own yet. My parents have 2 poodles and 2 labradoodles that I consider my own.

9.)   Fly or road trip?
Road trip

10.)   Favorite color?
Purple, although I never seem to buy clothing this color. That will have to change!

11.) One thing we probably don’t know about you?
I’m a Newfie 😉

Tess’s Questions:

1.)   Why did you start your blog?
To express my personal style with the hope of inspiring others

2.)   How did you come up with the name of your blog?
I seem to find something in every day that dazzles or inspires me, hence Dazzle by Day.

3.) Who is your celebrity crush?
Channing Tatum

4.) If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

5.) Favorite memory?
Marrying the love of my life

6.) Favorite book?
The Devil Wears Prada

7.) Who is your style icon?
My mother

8.) Favorite quote?
“Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

9.) What would your dream career be?
I’m torn between becoming the Director of Marketing for a high-end retail company and opening my own bridal boutique. I know that either of these would make me extremely happy.

10.) Favorite place to shop?
I have many favorites, but I love T.J.Maxx. You just never know what you may find!

11.) What inspires you?
Everything – travel, nature, food, books, magazines, movies, fashion, music, family

My nominees are….

Jessica of Afternoon Style
Brooke of Honestly, B.
Anngelik of Vogue&Heels
Charlotte of Lurch Hound Loves
Nancy of Adore to Adorn
Melanie of Turquoise Blonde
Brooke of Brooke du jour
Kimiko of Hilarity Ensues
Amity and Mioara of Cream & Sugar, Please
Kelly of Enter Kelly

 My questions are…

1)   What are five items in your wardrobe you can’t live without?
2)   Macaron or cookie?
3)   What is your favorite piece of jewelry and why?
4)   Favorite movie?
5)   What item would you splurge on?
6)   Favorite designer?
7)   Who takes your blog photos?
8)   What camera do you use?
9)   Do you prefer shopping online or in-store?
10) How would you describe your style?
11) If you could live in any era specifically for the fashion, which would it be and why?

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6 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. Thanks so much for nominating me Ashleigh—I am so flattered! Your favorite memory answer is so sweet, especially since I’m getting married this summer 🙂 What a great career goal to open a bridal shop! So different and I’m sure rewarding.

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